Agenda App

Are you looking for the ultimate event app?

Then we want to present Agendan, the app for your conference, training or your event!

Does the company suit just as well as the association or why not the private party?

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Everything gathered in one place

It is approaching…

How nice it is when everything is gathered in one place! It makes it easier for you as an organizer and for those who will participate. Questions such as “What do we eat for lunch”, “When does the bus leave”, “What time is the meeting tomorrow morning” etc., there are ready answers in the app.

Chat function

Communication can take place directly between the participants in the event, so you avoid the hassle of jumping between all the other chat apps.

Last minute!

Communicate the latest information quickly, easily and smoothly; “Bring boots” or “There will be mushroom picking on Saturday”.

Participant list

Contact information for participants is available as a tool for the administrator to have full control and be able to check attendance.


Interact with attendees in a “fun hour” format or as a speaker with your audience. Ask questions and get quick answers.


Avoid the hassle of emailing documents to participants, instead easily upload them in the app.

Administrator v/s participant

As an administrator for the event, you have access to an admin interface on the web as well as administrator rights in the app.

When you start creating your event, you do it on the web so that you can later supplement with information both on the web and in the app.

Your participants only have access to the app.

Agenda is where apps are, i.e. on the AppStore and GooglePlay.

In order for your participants to be able to take part in the information, you as an administrator must convey a unique event code or a password you chose when creating the event.

The Agenda App in short

  • Admin interface on the web URL is:
  • The App Get it at AppStore or GooglePlay
  • Event information Obtained by signing in with unique event code and password

3 different versions

  • Free version The app with ads
  • Privacy version The app without ads- max 20 participants
  • Company version Get in touch and we will tell you all about it!

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