In a world where everyone is rushing here and there, we sometimes have to stop and reflect on what we have achieved. This page is for that. We are proud of these completed projects and the good relationships we have with our customers. Many thanks for your trust!

Ticket system for Ekeröleden

The Ekeröleden is a ferry line on Östra Mälaren between Slagsta in Botkyrka municipality and Jungfrusund on Ekerö. The Ekeröleden means a shortcut between the southwestern Stockholm region, Ekerö and Västerort in Stockholm. Drivers can take the ferry for a fee and thus save around 30 kilometers compared to the country road via the E4/E20, Drottningholmsvägen and Ekerövägen. Trafikverket The ferry company wanted a new ticket system for the line based on the latest technology.
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norrbil logga

GDPR Consulting on Site

Norrbil is one of Roslagen's largest car dealerships and is an authorized dealer of Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and VW Transport cars. The company has a turnover of about 500 million, employs 55 people and sells more than 2,300 cars a year. The mission was to map the company's personal data processing, document and train staff.
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ica bsb
ica logga

Decision support for ICA retailers

The ICA concept is based on the idea of combining the best of both worlds - local entrepreneurship and economies of scale. The main strength of the ICA idea is the local entrepreneurship with independent traders who know their local market and have a strong local community commitment.
The ICA Retailers' Association (the retailers' member organisation) wanted to create a tool for its retailers that supports and promotes positive development in terms of profitability, competitiveness and high customer confidence.
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