An e-identification is an electronic ID document that shows that you are you, and which you can use when you need to identify yourself in, for example, apps and systems or other types of digital services. E-identification can also be called e-leg, eID or e-ID, dear child has many names.

There are currently four e-identifications that are approved by the Digital Administration Authority (DIGG) in both the private and public sector in Sweden; BankID and Mobile BankID, Freja eID+, Swedish Passport and Telia E-identification.

Within health care there is a fifth approved e-identification for secure access to information; SITHS

The future is here!

The possibilities of being able to identify someone electronically are endless!

Logging in to an e-service is perhaps the first thing you think of, that you don’t have to administer usernames and passwords,  or ensure that sensitive information is read by the right recipient. Maybe you also think about the environmental savings when you don’t have to print and send paper back and forth for signatures?

But you can also use electronic identification and signing in many other situations. For example, open doors, alarm on/off, start a car, check age, etc.

Only the imagination sets the limits!

Do you have an app or system of any kind that requires identification?



BankID is the most common e-identification on the market, and is a collaboration and common brand between several banks.

Freja eID

Freja eID

With Freja eID, the user does not need to be connected to any bank, instead the physical ID check (which is required for Freja eID+) takes place at one of Freja eID’s 2000 certified agents.

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