Do you want to increase your profitability?

With the Decision Support Bank (Beslutsstödsbanken in Swedish, we call it BSB for short) you have good conditions for this. It’s a business support and customized benchmarking system right in your pocket.

Save time, increase your margin and get even better control!

What is BSB?

The decision support bank is a tailored business support and benchmarking system that gives you in the retail trade the opportunity to compare your store with similar stores with the aim of finding areas for improvement and thus being able to increase profitability.

As a merchant, in addition to the app, you also have access to the Decision Support Bank on the web, where you can compare your store with other stores, both in terms of closing accounts and sales data.


BSB in your phone or tablet

  • Contains up-to-date information on, among other things: Yesterday's sales, both online and in store, cumulative month and most recent complete month compared to the same period last year for the key figures.
  • Detailed sales overview per department and product group
  • The trend of your store compared to the previous year

BSB on the web

  • Selection - similar stores In order for your comparison to be as relevant as possible, you can make a selection with which stores you want to compare yourself with. Select profile, region, location, turnover and season to get your optimal comparison.
  • Profit potential - your store In the Decision Support Bank there is a report where you can see how much opportunity you have to improve the result and in which areas. You choose whether you want to compare your store with the average store or the best half of the selection you made.
  • Trend See the trend of your store, both in terms of financial ratios and sales.
  • Who can see my result? Your numbers are completely anonymous, i.e. no one can identify any other store's results. Submitted information is treated confidentially.

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