GDPR work with Norrbil



The GDPR requires companies to have a clear documentation of the systems that handle personal data, as well as a developed strategy on how to increase awareness and competence of both management and staff on GDPR issues. The questions Norrbil asked us to answer were:

* What type of personal data is processed in the respective. system?

* Who has access to the personal data?

* Who is responsible for ensuring that personal data is processed lawfully?

* How to ensure that handling remains safe?

* What policies need to be designed to know when, how and who should act on a personal data ex. should be deleted?


We interviewed staff on site to get demos of all the systems and to understand the day-to-day operations. This resulted in the following:

  • Current situation analysis – a report that clearly indicates where resources should be added to move forward with the GDPR work
  • Mapping – both of systems and various different documents that answer the questions above
  • Documentation – digitally saved in a customized personal data processing system
  • Training - for all staff in what the data protection regulation entails incl. IT security
  • Next step report - containing tips and advice for safer handling of personal data and a plan for how Norrbil should work further internally

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