Decision support for ICA retailers


The challenge

ICA-retailers association wanted to create a tool for their retailers that supported and enhanced a positive growth regarding profitability, competitiveness and high customer loyalty.



The solution - BSB app

We developed a new tool called (Decision support bank</strong) or called BSB for short, that supports and enhances a positive growth in regards of profitability, competitiveness and high customer loyalty. Its a custom-made benchmarking system, that offers the retailers a unique possibility to be one step ahead. ICA-retailers can compare their store with similar stores to find areas of improvement and work on creating more profit.

The login to the app is done securely with the Swedish digital ID-verification app called “Mobilt BankID”. The retailers can only see their own stores numbers, sales and financial statements.

BSB saves retailers time, increases their margins and gives them better overview of their store performance.

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