Tailor-made complete solution for Tierps Järnbruk

Tierps Järnbruk is a foundry with a long Swedish history in the craft of cast iron.

With over 120 years of experience in cast iron, you can always rely on extremely high and consistent quality. Common to all cast products is that they are created from recycled iron scrap.
Since a few years Tierps Järnbruk is part of the family business Lantz Järn & Metall AB, which is active in metal and electronics recycling in more than 10 locations in Sweden.
The company has clear goals for quality and environmental commitment and strives to be a model in its industry.
For both Tierps Järnbruk and the Lantz Järn & Metall AB group, we at Rely IT have had the honour of tailoring complete solutions for their technical infrastructure and IT operations as well as equipment for digital meetings.
This includes: digital workplaces with maximum security and flexibility. Services for client support and helpdesk, license management, client security & protection, meeting technology and central management and operation of business systems, etc.

Do you have similar needs to Tierps Järnbruk and Lantz Järn & Metall AB? Contact us!

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